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Maz has 15 May It all started great before the sales process, I was told I'd be looked after. Unfortunately it was not the case.

I purchased an Audi A3 for my wife, what was spoken on the phone and what was produced on the day were two different sales conversations. I was promised a full tank of petrol as my car wasn't delivered on time and I had to wait a while, when I arrived, it was midnight, so I didn't get a change to really check everything, I was assured the car has been well checked over and they don't send out the car unless they are not happy.

I believed it! I was told it's a second hand car what do you expect?!! I feel so stupid dealing the ACF and should have gone back to my existing dealership. I feel they have broke my trust and they did not care once the car was out of it's terms or it's refund policy.

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They didn't even reply back to all my emails. It's now cost me more money to fix the problems on a car I shouldn't be having to fix. I even told them you've lost me as a customer and they didn't seem to care!!! You are not a reputable garage from my experience and the after sales has been disgusting, and no I would never go back to you to purchase another car and suffer the same fate.

I hope you treat your customers better then you did me.

Car leasing with bad credit: options including PCP

Such a shame, your trying to cover up your faults. They are good in making fool. Both had some problem in engine. I called them same day and they refused. Their prices are very high as compare to other showrooms. They will say we give warranty but when u left with car. No warranty nothing. This is how they make money. Poor customer services. Best way to buy is autotrader. You can see whether the car price is high or low. You wont pay extra. These people will give you coffee in the office and you will pay extra on every car.

Bad Credit Car Finance cars for sale

Very high price. Amy Obrien 22 Apr This is our second time using Accept Car Finance Rix motors and we will definitely be back again. Thanks guys. Iwona Hamerska 11 Apr Excellent experience! The car I purchased arrived immaculate condition and well presented. The salesman I dealt with Steve was fantastic very helpful and professional, went above and beyond to make the process quick and easy. Thank you Steve. Will definitely be recommending to others. Paul Dalton 01 Apr Fake promises and misinformation.

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Call the number and you get presented with 2 options. You will leave you number on an answering machine forever. The rates they offer are a lure, once you commit the rates will change.

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The cars are not "in stock" they are only stock photos of the car you're looking for. With this crowd you really need to consider that if something looks to good to be true, it probably isn't. Rix Motor Company should be taking a good look at this part of their business. K9 Elite 30 Mar After a few months of washes hand washes with soapy water what ever they put on the car to cover up the scratches comes off.

A few will consider lenders that have their bankruptcy meeting completed.

No deposit car finance

Subprime lenders love to see a steady history of employment. It shows you can be trusted to make future payments. It also makes tracking income easier. Much like employment, staying in one residence for an extended period makes applicants look more reliable. Your credit report shows previous addresses.

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This continues to play into the reliable and responsible adult category. These could be secured credit cards , cell phone plans, or a small personal loan that requires monthly payments. Anything you can do to show a positive payment history will only help your cause down the road. You could also look to decrease your purchase price and your loan amount by using a trade in.

If you have an old car — working or not — you can always attempt a trade to knock a little off the overall cost of your new ride. Lenders see the loans they extend as a partnership.

I just wanted a pair of keys that made an engine turn. My naivety is probably why local tow-truck companies kept me on their Christmas card list for the next year. Shoppers today — regardless of credit history or down payment ability — have tools at their disposal that make shopping for a car easier than ever. Subprime lenders, like those suggested above, specialize in working with consumers that have bad credit and no down payment.

Study the terms and interest charges being offered. Always consider speaking to your IVA company before applying with us. Vehicles for Sale Please enable Javascript to use this function. Any model. Get In Touch Why not contact us directly? What They Say Had an absolutely brilliant experience with trade price cars!

Went up to have a look at a car I was interested in and Graham was extremely helpful. I wanted to get a second opinion on the car but my partner was away at the time so he suggested I put a holding deposit on it and they happily held her for just over 2 weeks for me. That car is now sitting outside my house and I couldn't be happier with her and the service I received!

I highly recommend them!!